Starfleet Weapons
Author [SE] Cpt. Odyssey
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Description (] Installation [)

1: Place zzzzzStarfleet.pk3 is your Base EF folder
Warning: Weapon mods containing more than 4 -z- will overwrite this mod
2: Play Elite Force & enjoy

(] Features [)

1: Phaser sounds from Elite Force 2 Demo
2: Rifle sounds from my Type3a
3: Enhanced rifle textures that my friend gave me
4: Alexraptor's Green Phaser indicator
5: Cannon Photon torpedo sounds
6: Moving indicator digitaly edited with Irfanview to
have a more vibrant orange/yellow color than in "Phasercolourchange"
7: Yellow Ammunition Glows for the Compression Rifle
8: Golden Yellow Photons from Worf's Weapons Effects
9: New Item pickup sound
Filesize 1.52 MB
Downloads 619
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 10.0 - 2 votes 
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Diese Mod ist gut gemacht :daumenhoch

[ Comment by Blaues Auge :: ]

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