Gladiator Arena 3.4.0 BETA
Author Lt. Cmdr. Salinga
Author email -
Author website
Description __ ________________________ __
( | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
) | __
(__| GLADIATOR ARENA VIII.0.0 devbeta |__)

__ __
(__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)

* First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.20 or the Expansion
Pack. This won't work with EF 0.28, EF 1.10!

* Extract the ZIP-File contents into your Elite-Force basefolder
- like "C:\STVOY".

After that you should have a folder named "gladiator" and a batch
file named RUNGLAD.BAT (and this readme).

__ __
(__| HOW TO RUN |__)

* There a three ways to run this modification:

1. Start Elite Force Holomatch as usual and activate the modifi-
cation in the MOD list.

The entry is called "Gladiator Arena vn.n.n", where "n.n.n"
is the current version of this modification.

2. Run Elite Force Holomatch from the command prompt by typing:

"stvoyhm +set fs_game gladiator"

3. ...or just by the installed batch file:


__ __
(__| CONTACT |__)

Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have
suggestions or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
me via this email address:

A big "Thank you!" goes to the {MAC} Clan who always had run
a Gladiator Arena server under EF 1.10 and which had the idea
and the wish for a Gladiator Arena under EF 1.20. I did this for
you guys! :)


__ _______________________________ __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)

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