RPG-X 2.1 Patch
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RPG-X 2.1 Patch Update
By UberGames
February 2008

File Info:

This is the official patch update for RPG-X v2.0
which updates RPG-X to version 2.1.
It features a multitude of fixes for bugs that
were discovered in v2.0 and includes several new
features as well.

Fixed bugs include:
-USS Atlantis
-Teleporters not working on older maps.
-Spelling errors in the German translation
-Issues with the transporter looping on some maps
-Ranksets loading incorrectly
-Several character skin fixes
-Improved network stability on larger maps

As well as a multitude of smaller fixes.

New features include:
-Rendering support on widescreen monitors
-Client-side loading of classes and map info for added network speed
-Beam firing modes in the Phaser Rifle and Disruptor.
-Added new functionality to door entities
-Added several new sets of player skins (Courtesy of Laz Rojas)
-Added new music tracks.

And many more, for more information visit the RPG-X Wiki Page;

Install Guide:

Extract pak4.pk3 to your RPG-X2 directory.
(NOTE: NOT your BaseEF directory)

Afterwards, start the mod as usual.

Additional Credits:
A huge thank you goes to the members of the RPG-X forum
and bug tracker lists. Without your help, most of these
bugs would have gone un-noticed and not as many features
would have been added!

Additional thanks goes to Laz Rojas for giving us permission
to start porting his skins over to the RPG-X2 character system.

Thanks also to SciSeven for helping us nail a few more errors in
the German translation!

Bug Reports:
We have a bug report system set up at
If you see an error in the game, or if the game crashes,
please let us know!

Come join our forum at!

Legal Notice:
All assets used in this file are copyrighted to the RPG-X Mod and/or their
original creators. Any external use of these assets without explicit permission
from their original creators is not allowed.
The RPG-X Mod and its creators cannot be held accountable for any damage that
may have been caused by playing the game.
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